“The only thing constant is change.” ~Heraclitus

You can’t travel to a new country and expect anything to be routine because that’s just not how it works! This past week was full of all things new starting Tuesday when I was up before the sun for the first time to go to a workout class with one of my host sisters. The class was at 6 am and it was arm day so I basically died. The gym is a neat little place that looks like a converted storage unit and the instructor was energetic and made doing arms for 45 minutes not as bad. I learned some new Spanish terms also so all kinds of good stuff. It poured for the first time all afternoon which is apparently rare since we’re currently in the summer, or dry season. Our professor was basically yelling in class because the rain was so loud. On Wednesday a company who makes their own chocolate using bicycle power, Bici Chocolate, came and presented and gave us chocolate samples which were delicious!! I saw a cacao bean for the first time and it looked nothing like I thought it did. Still tasted delicious though. In class we learned our Spanish professor has a boyfriend living in the states and of course we asked all about him- she was so happy to talk about him it was cute. I had my last Spanish class on Friday and she was heartbroken to say goodbye to all of us- our class was a good one and I think everyone will miss our four hours together each morning. She makes her own earrings and made all the girls in our class their own pair which were beautiful! She really is the sweetest and I’ll definitely miss her. After class Friday we all headed out to La Fortuna to see a volcano- we actually saw it this time and it was gorgeous!! The hotel we were at had natural hot spring pools to swim in that were nice and toasty and so relaxing. The next morning we got up early and took a “short” hike straight uphill to an observation point of the volcano. It was quite the hike but totally worth it. Some of the trail was just dirt and on our way back down it started raining which made for pretty much a mud slide down the trail. We had lunch at an organic farm and they had the most delicious fried yucca and coffee. We learned how you grow sugar cane and extract the juice and got to try some of that as well. La Fortuna waterfall was our next stop and the whole place is earthy and picturesque. The water was ice-cold but we swam anyways and got to experience the turbulent currents which are powerful and a tad bit scary as they just sweep you away if you aren’t holding onto the rocks. My friends and I decided to stay an extra night in the town and rented out the cutest pink AirBnB. We went into town for dinner and came across the tope that was happening that night. Basically that’s a parade of horses with live music and some people dancing. It was quite the sight and the live music was lots of fun. Sunday was another day of swimming, both at a different waterfall and a natural hot springs river. Apparently it’s a thing for Uber’s to decline driving you if you’re too wet which we learned the hard way-makes transportation from swimming places a bit more challenging. It’s crazy to be in places you only see on Pinterest-so much better in person than in a picture. I got back into town to see the second half of the SuperBowl and watch the Chiefs win!! Definitely had a bit of fomo seeing everyone celebrating together but I got to have my own experience of watching the game in Spanish so it all depends on perspective. I’ll have a lot more free time in the mornings now without Spanish and I’m excited to get to explore the city more and find cute coffee shops to study at! Everyday brings change and I’m learning to embrace it and make the most out of every moment!!

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