Every Day

“Cada dia es una nueva oportunidad” Every day is a new opportunity. I see this every morning as it’s written on the lid of the jelly I put on my toast. It’s a great reminder to start my day with and a good reflection that I can make each day whatever I want it to be. I noticed it at a good time also as eating new foods and going non-stop constantly has finally caught up with my immune system. Having a cold is no fun, especially when the weather adds to it. This past week it’s been cold (speaking relatively as cold here is 60 degrees and back home it’s about 20 or less). The sun also went missing for awhile, but as I write this today my cold is gone and the sun is shining brightly- my burnt scalp and neck are painful reminders of that. I think everyone forgets to put sunscreen on their head, but when your hair is parted it makes for a terrible place to get burnt! On Tuesday we had a cooking class and learned how to make delicious cajetas de coco which is simply condensed milk, butter and coconut but so yum! Spicy Uno is a popular game here so my friends and I spent the afternoon playing that before heading back to classes. Our school had a Fiesta de Rojo Thursday night which was very lively and entertaining, along with the after party at a really nice bar downtown. It apparently used to be a house that they converted into a bar and it has a pool and big dance space and lots and lots of people. Came home to Tommy having a haircut and the cutest little vest to wear. He’s always jumping on your legs to be pet and wandering in and out of my room looking to get some love and attention which I gladly give him. My Spanish class took us on a field trip to a market in Cartago Friday morning so we could practice our conversation skills. The longer I’m here the more I realize how vastly diverse their food is. Along with seeing fresh fruits and veggies there were turtle eggs, eel and lots of whole fish still possessing their eyeballs. Although I’ve never tried, I don’t think I’d be the biggest fan of eating that.My friends and I spent the weekend walking around different farmers markets and downtown. It was the Chinese New Year on Saturday so we hung out in Chinatown and watched a lot of amazing performances.Got an extra dose of culture this weekend being there and hearing people talk Chinese all afternoon. San Jose is a very diverse city which is neat to see. We also went to one of the malls here which is humongous- there’s a zip line going through the middle of it!! Also has a Pizza Hut restaurant so if you love Pizza Hut head there, it’s only like 3,000 miles away. I had the most amazing frozen cappuccino this week at a cute little place called Entre Nous. There was an antique Volkswagen there that the barista worked in and all their drinks came in jars, so extra artsy. That’s about it for this week-I’m finally getting into a steady routine which is nice for someone who loves having a schedule and a plan 🙂 Hasta luego amigos!!

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