mud, mariachi & more

I’ve officially discovered my favorite cafe, which says a lot because we go to a new one almost every day. It’s called Bread House and we came across it by accident and boy am I glad we did! I had the best iced latte ever and the place was covered in plants and greenery so of course I was in love. This past Wednesday we went to the National Museum of Costa Rica which was filled with the countries history and all kinds of unique exhibits and lots of large stone rocks which I’m not sure of the meaning behind.. We had a movie night on Thursday where too much popcorn was consumed and hidden jokes in Shrek were discovered. We had to say our first goodbyes this weekend to our pal Taylor who was only here for two months taking Spanish courses. ManQala, the board game bar, is where we went and learned a new game called Secret Hitler which is apparently quite similar to Settlers of Catan (which I’ve also never played) but it was a very funny game. Basically you have a secret identity and someone is Hitler and that’s the person you’re trying to kill. As someone who sucks at lying it was pretty clear when I was Hitler and I got killed before the round was even halfway done. It’s weird to say goodbye to someone knowing you’ll most likely never see them again, and its a sad reminder that our time here is wrapping up quickly so I need to appreciate every day that much more! Saturday was filled with quite the adventure of a 10 mile hike to and through Cerro Dantas. You know it’ll be a good hike when you have to trek three miles to get to the actual hike. If I were to sum the hike up in one word it would be mud. The “trail” switched from being wooden boards over mud to tires over mud to fallen trees to climb over and under to rope railings for basically sliding down mud covered hills. We crossed over waterfalls and pretty much crawled our way up hills but that just made it so much more of an adventure! At one point I misstepped and ended up knee deep in the mud so my shiny grey tennis are now a mud stained mess. Luckily we made it out of the muddiest section before it started pouring, but the rain made us not only muddy messes but also soaked to the bone. However, the rain made a vibrant rainbow on our bus ride back so I’ll take it. This Sunday we went to a beautiful church about 15 minutes away that had a stage overlooking a green forest and was gorgeous. Even though the service was in Spanish I was still able to recognize the tunes to some of the songs and hum along. It’s amazing how worship is universal and even in another country and another language people behave the same and speak on the same topics- the message is always the same and it’s great. Sunday was my mama tica dads 90th birthday so we had a big fiesta for him with a mariachi band, seafood (octopus tentacles and all) and his favorite drink, Imperial, decorating the cake and cookies. That was so much fun and we became friends with one of the little girls there who drug us around the house to play with her dolls and quiz us in Spanish. She’s six and said she doesn’t have a boyfriend because everyone is ugly and looks like a sandwich, not sure what she meant by that but we went with it! A great end to a great week- here’s to my last month in Costa Rica!!

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